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Welcome to Pest Animal Independence! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Independence, MO. Finding damage that has been caused by wild animals inside your home can be a major concern, so you can be confident that when you call us, we will take it seriously and act promptly to help resolve the issue. Our telephone team can take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you know that whenever you find signs of animal activity, we are available to help straight away. Our team can give you an initial indication of cost, or can even talk you through the basic steps that you can try to take to resolve the problem yourself. Our wildlife removal experts are usually available to come to your home within 24 hours, and they carry all the equipment to be able to deal with animal problems safely and efficiently. They are also fully trained in the latest methods for both trapping and excluding animals from a property, but we don't use poisons as they are ineffective and often cause more problems than they solve. Our experts can also carry out high quality repairs to any damage, such as holes in the property or gnawed wires, along with providing a sanitization service to clean and disinfect any areas where wild animals have been active. Call us now at 816-678-0510 for your Independence wildlife control needs.

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Independence Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Do Mothballs or Ammonia Truly Help Repel Missouri Skunks?

While some Independence people use Mothballs and ammonia to rebel skunks it seems they don’t have much luck with it. This type of repellant is only temporary and will only mask the problem for a certain about of time. You can either buy ammonia or make it from home. It is often used to repel skunks on the notion that skunks have a very sensitive sense of smell and they cannot stand ammonia. Many have found that ammonia lacks the effectiveness as it will simply just evaporate quite quickly. 

It can be easily washed away by rain meaning it will need to be applied often in order for the odor to stay present. In some areas Mothballs are considered to be a violation of the law. You cannot place mothballs in outside open areas. Mothballs have not been considered very effective in repelling skunks.

Some Missouri people have chosen to go with a hot pepper spray as a remedy, but this will only work until it rains which will then wash away the smell enabling the skunks to return again.

Commercial repellents

Commercial repellants these days offer plenty of options for what you can use. The best one so far at repelling Independence skunks is the use of predator urine. The best thing about using this is the fact it is environmentally friendly, so it won’t be harmful to the surroundings unlike mothballs. 

You can simply spread it around the areas that skunks are likely to go. Make sure to follow the instructions to avoid harm to yourself or others.

However, commercial repellants can be costly. There are other options available that you can try like natural replants. These are just spread around your yard and given they are natural they are not toxic to animals or children. Most popular are the citrus and black pepper solutions. Given the skunks sensitive smelling citrus peels can make them move on. Cayenne peppers added with water and put in a spray bottle can help deter skunks away from your home.

Another option is to trap the Missouri skunks using live traps. Generally, wildlife removal series can arrange to trap and take away the skunks. Professional services know the best places to place the traps and where the skunks are likely to accommodate. It is not recommended to catch the skunks in live traps unless you know what you are doing and always use with caution. If you have pets often the skunks will be natural deterred away as dogs are most likely to chase the skunks and sometimes even catch them. Be cautious with dogs and make sure they don’t eat the skunks as they can get sprayed and infected with rabies.

If you want to rid your Independence house of skunks you need to be persistent and also have preventative measures in place to stop it from happening again. Don’t leave pet food outside or have trash laying around that skunks will find very appealing.

Look at different measures that are safer and healthier for the environment thank mothballs and ammonia.